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A startup crafting designer floral arrangements that service the growing urban affluence, The Petaler is an on-demand luxury flower delivery service providing its customers with a unique and nostalgic overall experience.



Logo Design

UI/UX Designer


Agency Project



Many floral delivery services are lacking in product quality, presentation, and packaging and are unable to match an aesthetic quality or shipping presentation of high-end brands. Furthermore, customers are falling victim to image puffery and unreliable delivery schedules. A lack of such necessities creates frustration in customers, completely ruining the old time tradition and experience of giving and receiving flowers to loved ones.

1. Customer App

Enables customers to send arrangements to their loved ones on-demand.

Users are able to save addresses and include a message and/or video with

each purchase.

2. Driver App

Enables drivers (or "Petalers") to receive delivery requests in real time to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process. Users are able to review their delivery history as well.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 12.35.34

I decided on a monochrome colour palette to emanate a mysterious yet luxurious appeal. One that is both simplistic and iconic and enables a smooth application on all mediums such as stationary, packaging and digital interfaces. The typography on the other hand, pulls the modernity back a little, emanating a vintage 1940s era look and feel.

Photo 15-1-16, 11 56 02 AM.jpg

Sketching and prototyping of logo and packaging

After establishing a long list of reasons as to why people purchase flowers, user personas were created to help identify the Petaler's target customers, allowing me to align the strategy and goals of the app to specific user groups.

Why do people buy flowers?



Get Well




Special Events

(promotion, congratulations, etc.)

Dinner Parties

Office/Home Decor

No Reason (Impulse)

Hospitality Venue Accents




Weekend Cheer



Showroom Accents

Screen Shot 2018-11-17 at 12.18.33

After establishing the core customer base, I lead the MVP workshop with all the key project stakeholders to determine all functions and features that were to be implemented on the app. Taking into account both customer and client needs, all possible ideas were hashed out before weeding them down to the basic necessities for an initial launch. 

Consolidating them all into a spreadsheet, the user stories are written and groomed multiple times to satisfaction, ensuring careful planning for both launch and the future build-ons.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 7.13.03 PM.png

Upon successfully completing the user flow for The Petaler user app and determining the necessary screens, I began putting together the high fidelity wireframes with the goal of producing the most efficient design possible.


Select screens of high fidelity prototype

A simplistic 2-tab courier interface to ensure quick delivery management.

A user was able to begin and complete an order with a minimum of 6 taps. This enabled a smooth and quick process for them to complete their goal on the app, allowing them to skip all the hassle of filling up repetitive information.

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