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NYC Ferry is a network of ferry routes in New York City operated by Hornblower Cruises. As of August 2018, there are six routes connecting 21 ferry piers in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. NYC Ferry has a total of 27 vessels, providing half-hourly to hourly service on each of the routes.


UX Designer


Agency Project



Replacing the East River Ferry, NYC Ferry was in need of a highly simple, intuitive yet informative website to cater to the millions of people travelling between the 5

New York City boroughs.

Leading the MVP workshop with all the key project stakeholders to determine all functions and features that were to be implemented on the website, we had to be extremely mindful and careful as the target audience was much broader than others.

Some issues that arose:

-    Government compliance and regulations
Organisation of information

-   Maintaining levels of engagement after ticket sales

Screen Shot 2019-09-04 at 11.27.09

Upon successfully completing the user flows and sitemap for NYC Ferry, I began putting together the high fidelity wireframes ensuring clear categorisation for all information to be readily available and easily discoverable.

Users were able to intuitively navigate for seamless ticketing, browsing of events and information discoverability on all devices.

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