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A fast casual restaurant operator and manufacturer of Caribbean cuisine including Jamaican food and other baked goods. The parent company is owned by the Hawthorne family, and the stores are franchised.


UX Designer


Agency Project



Golden Krust's website was extremely outdated in regards to both design and information. Crucial functions and features were either non-existent or non-functional. It was evident that there was opportunity for growth and improvement that could prove a positive return for the family business.

Leading the MVP workshop with all the key project stakeholders to determine all functions and features that were to be implemented on the website, we considered all ideas big and small and later narrowed it down to the essentials for initial launch.

Some issues that arose:

-    Consolidation of information

-    New photography

-    Embodying the Caribbean culture


A fully responsive site that was adaptable enough to accommodate the dynamic content while reinforcing the Golden Krust's dedication to food and culture. To accommodate an array of internal management needs and organizational realities, a scalable backend equipped with the right content and user flow to manage forms, track content libraries, and integrate holistic web publishing functionality across their entire

brand ecosystem.

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